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Training on cloud. Experts on anything. Our team of dedicated professional instructors will make it happen.

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Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated professional trainers that deliver trainins related to the cloud.

We are the right choice!


Guaranteed delivery - once you book our services we will make sure your training will be delivered 100%. Unless a giant meteor hits the earth, but we'll still try our hardest.


Dedicated to designing the best materials for your custom courses.

Team Building

Not only do we deliver courses we deliver results. Our combined experience of over 150 years in IT means we can strenghten and motivate your team to deliver. Like we do.


Oh, yeah, we also do consulting. Ask us anything. ANYTHING!

What We Do

It's all about the cloud for us. Training, Content Desing, Events, Consulting.

Cloud for us means AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Alibaba, OpenStack, Containers, DevOps, APIs, Orchestration, Automation and more!

AWS Training

Our AWS Trainers are Amazon Authorzed Instructors. All AWS content is provided by Amazon Trainig Providers that we paerner with in the US, Canada and EU.


Our trainers are OpenStack certified and we are an OpenStack Authorised Training Provider.


Azure is like our back pocket.


We do Docker, Kubernetes, ECS and many more!


We kick ass when it comes to DevOps.


Even this website was written by a robot. That's how much we automate!

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together. +1 (647) 546 4365

Where To Find Us

13 Wall Rd
ON L0S 1J0 Canada