Cloud Computing.


🎓 Learn about ☁️ cloud on YouTube 🤓 in training 🏫, or from a 📚📚📚 book!

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Who am I

I can help you understand and use the cloud ☁☁☁.

In the last 20+ years I have seen the rise of cloud computing and have a gained a unique understanding of the cloud from both the on premise and public cloud perspective. I can share my experience with you to help you achieve your goal faster, easier and cheaper!


Guaranteed delivery - you book, I deliver. Unless a giant meteor hits the earth, but I'll still try my hardest.


With 20+ years of industry experience I can guide you in your jurney to the cloud.


Need to deliver results? I can help with my dedicated mentoring program. Expand your learning beyond the classroom.


I strive to deliver quality results in the shortest amount of time.

What I Do

It's all about the cloud for me. Training, Mentoring, Consulting.

I know AWS and GCP , OpenStack , Containers, DevOps, APIs, Orchestration, Automation and more!


All official AWS training is provided by Amazon Authorized Training Providers that I partner with in the US, Canada and EMEA.


I am an independent OpenStack Authorized Training Provider and consultant


All official GCP training is provided by Google Authorized Training Partners whom I partner with in the US, Canada and EMEA.


I know Docker, Kubernetes, LXC, CloudFoundry and many more.


DevOps? I was born through a CI/CD process. :)


'{' "Even this website was likely written by a robot." : [ That/'s, how, much, I::❤️ automation/!" ] '}'

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Get in touch and let's make something great together.